• Fassaden Projektion in Soglio

    AlpenMythenSehen V

    October 2014 - In a fascinating, animated play of light on the facade of the Palazzo Salis in Soglio during the Chestnut Festival 2014, the beautiful 150 year old herbaria are brought back to life.

  • Faust Requiem, Sprechoper


    June 2013 - Composer and musician Wolfgang Mitterer and director Stephan Müller lead an artistic team to create FAUST_requiem based on Goethe’s Faust Part I and Part II, for the Church of St. Laurenzen.

  • Gnomonicity - interative installation


    March 2012 - GNOMONICITY is an interactive digital installation, built upon security camera web-streams and the viewer's presence.

  • ProntoCondoms, Advertising

    pronto condoms

    October 2010 - With the slogan “quicker on, quicker in”, the advertising campaign for the pronto condoms startet in August 2010 in Switzerland.

  • ID - interactive theatre


    March 2010 - With this [PLASMA] Project 13, Lukas Bangerter attempts a formal superposition of installation/environment and proscenium theater.

  • strange lines, interactive theatre

    strange lines

    January 2010 - The project seeks to play with the young art of Graphic Novel, the theatricality in drawing and the ways in which drawing and theatre can come together to represent notions of Home & Away, Nativity and Foreignness.

  • home - person steht vor den projezierte Köpfe der interaktiven Installation


    December 2008 - Three artists, from Switzerland, South Africa and India, have come together to collaborate on ‘HOME’ – a multimedia art project that challenges the traditional location of home and identity in stasis with shifts, translations and explosions.

  • LaCucaracha, Clamation

    la cucaracha

    February 2008 - A dishrag called Fred and a vacuum cleaner called Hoovie, live in the same apartment and the only thing that is disturbing their peace and comfort is Selina the cockroach. She is in love with Hoovie, but he is allergic to her.

  • Back to Page One, Michel als kleiner Junge mit Zuckertüte

    back to page one

    February 2005 - On his journey from Cape Town to Walvis Bay Michel visits places, which he knows from his childhood. Exactly 20 years ago he had left South Africa.